Naturally bent towards saving and interested in earning money from a young age; I was motivated by the freedoms that financial stability offered.  Not so much counting the stacks of money, although, let’s be honest – that is thrilling too! – I am driven by the choices and options that saving money has given me.

I have read hundreds of articles about money; multiple financial and self-help books and listened to thousands of hours of podcasts and am quickly becoming obsessed with online courses. I love to consume content and make small tweaks to my daily life that amount to leaps and bounds over the years.

I am wandering along a path of  ‘follow your curiosity’, reveling in the thoughts and wisdom from phenomenal women such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, Brené Brown, the late and great Maya Angelou, and of course, all things Oprah.

I am a girl’s girl in love with all things design, landscaping, home decor, good food and cocktails.

I am ignited and inspired by art, music, travel, history, local landmarks, the great outdoors and good conversation and connection with family & friends.

I have long believed that everybody has a story.  I am fascinated with the Humans of New York and wonder what it would mean if we all explored this concept in our own lives, in our own communities, in our own conversations.

I am pursuing a rich, fulfilling life for myself and the people I love on our own individual terms.  We all have our own ideas of a rich, fulfilling, passion-filled life.  So let’s get to it.


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